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Leah Sharibu: President Buhari’s government deceiving Nigerians and international committee – Leah’s parent

President Muhammadu Buhari

The parents of Leah Sharibu, the Dapchi Schoolgirl who was held back by the Boko Haram terrorist group, has stated that the Federal Government of Nigeria was deceiving Nigerians and the international community with promises of rescuing their daughter.

Leah was abducted two years ago on February 19, 2018 when the sect invaded her school, Government Girls’ Science and Technical College in Yobe State, North-East, Nigeria. The sect released her classmates after negotiations with the Federal Government. But she was however left behind following her vehement refusal to disown Christianity for Islam.  

President Buhari had promised to ensure Leah was released by the sect. Two years later however, Leah still remains in captivity.

Leah Sharubu
Leah Sharubu – IMAGE SOURCE: 1Push.Ng

Dr. Gloria Samdi Puldu, the spokesperson for the family in an interview with The Punch, noted that Leah’s parents, Nathan and Rebecca Sharibu, were still in pains because their daughter has not returned.

“Born on May 14, 2003, Leah Sharibu, the young Christian girl who refused to renounce her Christian faith has had her 15th and 16th birthday while in ISIS-WA captivity, this is a reproachful memory. Will she spend another birthday in captivity?

“It is impossible for any parent to keep hearing different hurtful reports about their daughter and not become heartbroken. It is even more traumatic to hear that she has been forced into motherhood in captivity,” Dr. Puldu stated.

She urged President Muhammadu Buhari to rise up to his responsibility and ensure the release on Leah.

Speaking further, she noted that Jennifer Ukambong, an aide worker released by the sect in January revealed that Leah was staying around the Lake Chad area.

“Ukambong also said Mrs Alice Ngaddah, Miss Grace Taku and Leah Sharibu who were abducted at various times by the terrorists were all doing fine in the forest. Jennifer said she does not know the specific location but they say it is close to Lake Chad,” she stated.

“Will Leah Sharibu spend another birthday in captivity? If there is sincerity on the side of the government, then let us see them fulfil their promises. It seems that the government simply wants to make Nigerians and the international community who demand the release of Leah to be quiet.

“Therefore, they are always claiming that negotiations are going on to secure her release. This is very unfortunate that we are still in great pains because Leah is still not home. We keep hearing all sorts of rumours about her condition in captivity. It is very painful.

“For the commemoration of Leah’s third birthday in Boko Haram captivity, we ask the Nigerian government to take action and fulfil the so many promises they made to the Sharibu family and to all Nigerians.

“Nigerians are waiting, now that the world has seen that Chadian soldiers have cleared Boko Haram from the Lake Chad area where Leah Sharibu is suspected to be. The question begging for answer is, where is Leah Sharibu?”

Leah would be 17 on May 14.

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