Senate says security agencies underperforming because of the desire for personal wealth acquisition

Service Chiefs and Inspector General of Police

The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria alleges that the personal desire of the nation’s service chiefs to acquire wealth for themselves is the reason for the underperformance in fight against insecurity.

The Senate Ad-Hoc Committee on Security revealed this on Wednesday in its findings on why the nation’s security agencies underperformed in the fight against insecurity.

The Senate had constituted the committee headed by Senator Yahaya Abdullahi in January.

Senator Abdullahi while presenting a 74-page report on its findings on Thursday at the plenary noted that the quest for personal wealth acquisition had undermined the institutional coherence and was responsible for the interpersonal rivalries within security services.

“There is a lot of internal incoherence and inter-personnel conflict which have led to a lot of antagonism within the security organizations. The absence or inadequacies of effective corrective mechanisms within those institutions allowed inter-personnel disputes to fester thereby undermining the operational efficiency of the services,” Senator Abdullahi said.

“Most of the agencies are operating in isolation with very little, if any, coordination between them. This most unfortunate situation can be seen from the recent face-off between the office of the IGP and the Police Service Commission which degenerated into open litigation in the law courts.

“Most recently, the public release of letters from the NSA’s Office to the service chiefs discountenancing their engagement with the chief of staff to the president bordering on security matters, is a loud testament of the level of disharmony and inter-personnel conflict and intrigues within the nation’s security and defence establishments.”

He noted that inter-agency rivalry and endless battles for supremacy had undermined operational effectiveness. The senator noted that this has worked against cooperation, sharing of information, effectiveness of intelligence and operational platforms for coordinated internal security operations.

As seen on Daily Trust Newspaper;

He said the security agencies tend to acquire modern technology and other force multipliers in isolation which resulted in the multiplication of incompatible platforms belonging to the different arms of services.

He said the alleged non-funding of the Office of the National Security Adviser since 2015 had undermined the effective performance of its coordinating function in the Security Architecture, and had led many agencies to question its authority and relevance in various fora, thereby adversely affecting inter-service cooperation and intelligence sharing.

He blamed the failure to define functions and boundaries between intelligence agencies on defective laws governing the operation of the Department of State Services, the National Intelligence Agency and the Defence Intelligence Agency.

The senator further noted that the prevalence of importing all security equipments undermines the nation and eventually amounts to colossal wastage when the equipments remain unserviceable due to lack of components and spare parts.

The Ad-hoc committee recommended the amendments of the Acts establishing security agencies to address the identified challenges, the decentralization of the Police Command structure with operational and budgetary powers vested in the zonal commands.

The committee further recommend that the almajiri system be scrapped and all out-of-school children be ploughed into normal school system.

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