PDP’s Wada, SDP’s Natasha rejects Kogi governorship election result

Musa Wada, the Peoples Democratic Party Kogi Governorship Candidate

Musa Wada, the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has rejected the outcome of the election held on Saturday in Kogi State.

Wada described the results of the election as fictitious and false.

According to the PDP candidate, the result from Okene Local Government Area where Governor Yahaya Bello got 112,764 votes was fictitious, adding that the governor used his state power to compromise the outcome of the election.

“The result shows mere daylight robbery. My party and I have rejected this result in its entirety. I think if the election is this way, the government of the nation should not have allowed people to participate in an election from the primary process to the real general election.

“As I speak, results were being written all over the collation centres. I think they just allowed people to come out just to tell the world that elections were holding. To me, it was just mere formality to rob the people. As I speak, the wish of the people of Kogi State is not what is prevailing in the so-called collation going on.

“A situation in which the Commissioner of Police in Kogi State would have to go to the collation centre in Dekina, my own LGA, to stay in the collation centre from 11pm  till this morning, his mission was not known. He was going into the collation centre and coming out with his car. I think his mission was not unknown, of course he was there to do the wishes of the power that be.”

“This result is rejected in its entirety. We will consult our lawyers and party and the next line of action will be taking immediately. If Nigeria’s election is allowed to go this way, I think they should not be calling for elections in any part of this country. Look at the case of Okene, a place with 40,000 accredited voters, he got 112,000 votes (for the APC). Okene to me does not have the size of the Ankpa LGA for example.

“A lot of questions are going to be answered at the tribunal because at that time and we are getting set to ensure that justice is done to the masses of Kogi State who gave me their votes.

“I won this election clearly, free and clear. Just imagine the forged votes of Okene, Adaki and Okehi. They rigged the election with the votes of this central district. It is not about me.  It is about the suffering masses of Kogi State. It is another four years of bad governance and injustice.”

Also, Natasha Akpoti, the governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), rejected the result of the election.

She urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to cancel the election, saying that APC thugs scared voters away while security provided cover for them.

“What happened in Kogi Central and other part of the state was a far-cry from a credible election. Ballot boxes were destroyed and burnt in the Okene, Adavi, Ajaokuta, Ogori/Magongo and Okehi local government areas and other parts of the state.

“The SDP agents were chased away from the various polling units of the Kogi Central Senatorial District. In some polling units, the SDP agents were tied with ropes by the APC thugs in Okene Local Government Area, our agents were not even allowed to come near the polling units as the APC thugs were seen brandishing guns and announcing to voters not to come and vote unless they were going to vote the APC.”

“Ballot papers already marked by voters in favour of the SDP already tucked into the ballot boxes were sorted out by the APC led thugs and burnt.

“The election as it is now cannot pass the test of fairness and credibility. Whatever gains INEC seems to have achieved in the conduct of election in the past will be completely eroded if the election in Kogi Central Senatorial District and some other parts of Kogi State is allowed to stand.”



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