If we get infrastructure right, Nigerians will not care about who’s in power – President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari earlier today stated that if the Federal Government gets infrastructure right in Nigeria, citizens would not be so concerned with who is in power.

He noted that if government provides roads, rails, ports and other infrastructures, everyone would mind their business as the nation is full of entrepreneurial energy and potentials.

“I firmly believe that if we get infrastructure right in Nigeria, our roads, rail, ports; Nigerians will mind their businesses, many people will not even care who is in government. A country like ours, full of entrepreneurial energy and potential, will prosper,” Buhari posted on twitter.

“This is why Infrastructure will continue to be one of our primary focus areas. We must & will rewrite the story, for this dear country of ours. I wish we had even more resources, and we are working on this, but we are doing our best within the resources currently available to us,” he added.

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