We have attained food sufficiency, food prices will crash soon – FG

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Dr. Maimuna Habib, the Director Projects Coordinating Unit at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, alleges that Nigeria has attained food sufficiency.

“We have attained food sufficiency; all we need to do is to blow our trumpet because no foreigner will tell anybody what is happening in the country,” she said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja.

Her statement came despite the alarming increase in the price of food items in the market lately.

“Looking at all that is happening in agricultural sector, we have gone into value addition of all our commodities from the North to the South, all over the country we have added value to all our products,” she added.

Dr. Maimuna noted that farmers in Nigeria are now happy because they are now making money.

“Most of the farmers are women and youths, we have trained them, we have empowered them and they are happy.”

Speaking about the closure of the land borders in Nigeria, she noted that the decision is so far one of the best in the quest for food sufficiency because Nigerians now eats only what is produced in Nigeria.

“When we bring imported food into the country our own foods go nowhere, there is no market for us but now there is market, farmers are making more money.

“I am a farmer and I know how much I sold my maize and cowpea seeds recently,” she said.

She noted that the high price of food is expected because of the border closure, adding that the price would soon crash.

“The prices will soon crash, it’s just because people are feeling we do not have enough food to have closed the border, but we have enough food in the country,” Dr. Maimuna said.

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1 Comment

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