How a principal forcefully slept with underage twin sisters and impregnated one


A principal, Samson Adeyemo, has been accused of sleeping with twin sisters.

The 30 year old principal was arraigned before Justice Sherifat Solebo for defiling the 17 year old girls and impregnating one of them.

The incident occurred between 2015 and 2016.

Dr. Alabi Oyedeji, a medical practitioner at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, revealed to court on Monday how the girls told him that their principal, Adeyemo, had sexual relationship with them.

 “The principal, on several occasions, had sexual intercourse with one of the twins and she became pregnant. Her mother got to know about it and made an attempt to terminate the pregnancy,” Dr. Oyedeji said.

“It was in the process of terminating the pregnancy that the other twin sister found out that the principal was equally having an affair with her sister. However, during the general observation of the victims, I discovered that they were both clinically stable.

“Other structures of the victims, like the urethra, were normal. But the vagina entrances had tags of the hymen or fragmented. The tags of hymen found at the vagina entries suggested repeated forceful penetration into their vaginas. I also took blood and urine samples of the victims, including appropriate screening test.”

One of the girls had earlier narrated the sorry to the court. She noted that the principal did not deny impregnate her. According to her, when he was confronted by her mother, he begged her to keep the baby, but her mother insisted on removing it.

“I was still in SS1 when the incident happened. On that day, I was in my classroom when the principal entered and asked if my class teacher was around. I said no. He then ordered me to follow him to his office. When we got to his office, he started calling me sweet names before removing my school uniform. He thereafter had sexual intercourse with me and instructed me not to tell anyone.

“He continued having sex with me over a long period of time until I became pregnant. I was unaware that I was pregnant until one of our neighbours noticed some changes in my body and informed my mother and when my mother confronted me with a slap, I told her that the principal had been having sex with me inside his office.

“My mum called the principal and asked him, and he admitted to impregnating me. He then told my mother that we should keep the baby but my mother refused. The principal begged my mother not to abort the pregnancy, but she refused and took me to a nurse to remove it.

“My mother told him that she could not allow me to carry a baby at a tender age. It was when my mother insisted on terminating the pregnancy that the principal gave us money for the abortion.”

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