Presidency reacts; says Aisha’s absence not in protest against her husband’s government

Aisha Buhari, President Muhammadu Buhari's Wife

Following rumour and report that Mrs. Aisha Buhari’s long absence in the country was due to her anger over her husband’s misrule, the Presidency has issued a statement denying the speculations.

Report (not on Naija Buzz News) had it that Aisha’s absence was in protest over how some powerful people were controlling her husband’s government.

Mrs. Aisha had been out of Nigeria for 2 months. According to report, she left her husband in South Arabia where they had gone for Hajj pilgrimage and travelled to London.

Her long absence in the country raised certain speculations that she might be deliberately staying away in protest.

The presidency on Saturday however noted that President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife absence was not due to any alleged infighting in the Presidential Villa.

 According to the statement issued by Suleiman Haruna, Aisha’s Director of Information; the First Lady had the freedom to travel wherever she wanted as a free citizen.

Mrs. Aisha had been repeatedly absent in many public functions she is expected to attend, including the recently held United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Responding to a question by The Punch over her absence and the speculations around, Mrs. Aisha’s aide said; “It’s a free world and people have been speculating about everything in this country and it is allowed.

“She is a free Nigerian and does not work for the government. So, if she decides to stay somewhere in her village for two months or to go somewhere and stay for two months, why should it become a national issue?

“She is a free Nigerian and has absolute freedom to move round for however long she wants.”

The First Lady’s director of information further expressed shock over speculations that she (Aisha) was angry with how the affairs of her husband’s government was being handled. He noted that the rumours were false.

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