South Africa frustrates efforts to evacuate Nigerians, introduces new immigration rules

Nigerians return from South Africa

In a bid to stop Nigerians from leaving, the South African authorities on Wednesday frustrated efforts to clear over 300 Nigerians who were ready to be evacuated from the xenophobic country.

The SA authority introduced a new immigration rules which made it difficult to evacuate Nigerians ready to return.

After over 5 hours delay, only 187 Nigerians were successfully allowed to return home. They arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, around 9:40pm Wednesday night.

Uche Victor, one of those who returned yesterday, while speaking to journalists revealed that he left his wife (a Cameroonian) and daughter behind because his mother will suffer if anything happens to him.

He left his business he worked so hard to build since 2007 and decided to return home with nothing. Uche apparently decided to leave his wife and daughter because they are not in serious danger.

“I’m bleeding because I left my wife and baby but I have to come back because my mother cries for me to return. If something happens to me she will suffer.

“I left my business, I came back with nothing. South Africans believe all Nigerians are drug pushers, but I don’t know the colour of any drug.”

“They are only venting their anger on foreigners. They started with black and will move to whites,” he said about the South Africans who according to him were angry with the South African government.

Like Uche, all the returnees left their businesses and returned with nothing but their lives.

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1 Comment

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