Shiites says police deliberately killed DCP and reporter to cause hatred against them

Shiites protest on Tuesday at the National Assembly in Abuja

The spokesman of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (Shiites), Ibrahim Musa, has accused the Nigeria Police of deliberately killing the Abuja Deputy Commissioner of Police, Usman Umar; and Precious Owolabi, the Channels TV reporter who died in Monday’s protest.

Naija Buzz News had reported the Shiites protest which turned violent following clash between the group and the police at the Federal Secretariat in Abuja.

The police had accused the group for the death of the DCP and the reporter. But the group however alleges that the deceased were victims of friendly fire.

According to the group, the police purposely lied against them to tarnish their image and to have false reasons to cause hatred against them.

Read the statement issued by the Shiite group (as sent to Naija Buzz News);

“The security agencies strategically killed the journalist to turn the media against us.

“They also killed the police officer to incite the security community against us and to stigmatise us.

“It is a known fact among the intelligence community that you don’t retreat from a mob with your back turned against them. This is one of the tenets of crowd control for law enforcement agencies. As if to hide this fact, the policeman was hurriedly buried without any form of post-mortem examination, which would have revealed the source of the bullet.

“They are the ones with guns and they are the ones doing the shootings and also doing the killing, then fraudulently lied to Nigerians that their victims are the violent ones.

“They are working hard to portray the IMN as a terrorist organisation; that is why they have started killing people in our name including our supporters. We decry such shameless play with people’s lives with reckless abandon.”



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