Senate asks President Buhari to submit ministerial nominees before Friday

President Muhammadu Buhari signing the agreement establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area

The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has technically given President Muhammadu Buhari a five working day ultimatum to submit the list of his ministerial nominees for screening.

The Punch revealed that Senator Adedayo Adeyeye, the Chairman Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Media and Public Affairs, said that the red chamber would proceed on its annual two months recess this week if Buhari fails to submit the list.

Senator Adeyeye however stated that the senate was not actually giving the president an ultimatum, but the schedule of the senate would go ahead if Buhari fails to submit his ministerial nominees this week.

“If the list does not come before Friday, the Senate will proceed on its annual recess. We are not giving the president any ultimatum. The schedule of the Senate will go ahead if the Senate does not receive the list. The list is the only thing that can hold us back,” Senator Adeyeye told Punch.

He however noted that in national interest, the senate would still consider Buhari’s list whenever he decides to submit it.

“However, any time they submit the list, we will consider it.  It is not our responsibility to put pressure on the President. We can be recalled whenever the list is submitted even if we are already on recess, in the overriding national interest,” Adeyeye added.

President Muhammadu Buhari won his re-election bid in February and was sworn-in for second term on May 29. It’s been over 4 months since he won election and over 50 days since he was sworn into office, yet Buhari is yet to constitute his cabinet members.

Naija Buzz News had some days ago reported that President Buhari while speaking on the issue of his ministerial list revealed that he was under tremendous pressure to release the list. The president further revealed that his cabinet members in 2015 consisted of people he did not know personally, adding that 2019 would be different.

The National Assembly would most likely postpone its annual recess which is supposed to start on July 26 and end on September 26 if the Executive Arm submits the ministerial list this week.

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1 Comment

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