Shiites attack at the National Assembly on Tuesday: Here’s everything you need to know

Shiites protest on Tuesday at the National Assembly in Abuja

On Tuesday, members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (aka Shiites) invaded the National Assembly, destroying properties (they destroyed the gate house, three vehicles and other properties).

The group who were protesting over the detention of its leader, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, by President Muhammadu Buhari since 2015, reportedly shot two policemen and attacked six other police with stones after over powering them at the NASS gate.

Some media (not Naija Buzz News) alleged that one of the policemen was killed yesterday.

Naija Buzz News decided to dig deeper to discover the truth about what actually happened yesterday.

The protesting Shiites members did not come with a gun (they normally protest with sticks, stones, and catapult when they need to defend themselves). Report circulated yesterday that they seized the gun of the policemen at the gate after over powering them.

The protesting Shiites did not seize any gun from security operatives as widely reported in the media (not on Naija Buzz News). Even if they did, (as there was a case of one of the injured victim who sustained gun shot in his shoulder), it might be in a bid to prevent the security operatives from killing anyone of them.

Report has it that the group became more angered when security operatives used tear-gas canisters to disperse them.

Anjuguri Manzah, the spokesman of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command, revealed that no policeman died in the invasion. He further noted that no police gun was missing because no member of the Shiite snatched guns from any policeman.

The Senate did not adjourn plenary while the incident occurred.

Senator Adedayo Adeyeye however told journalists that it was worried over the incident.

“One of the issues we have discussed is the security within the National Assembly premises. It is a matter that is being looked at because parliaments across the world are not this porous.

“Be that as it may, we also recognise the fact that the National Assembly is a public place for all Nigerians. All Nigerians reserve the right if they follow proper channel and procedure to come in here and meet with their representatives.

“Where there are breaches in terms of procedure and regulations guiding such matter, the matter will be looked at inside the chamber,” the senator said.

The House of Representatives had to adjourn sitting following the incident which made everyone around the premises run for their lives.

Victims of the clash were visited as the clinic by the Speaker of the House, Femi Gbajabiamila, and other lawmakers.

The Clinic in the National Assembly confirmed that seven persons were injured.

Read the statement issued to journalists by Dr. Bashir Hamza, the Director of Medical Services at the National Assembly; “They were brought here as an emergency. As usual, when patients come like that we don’t have to confirm whether it is a staff member or a visitor; we just first of all rush to save the life.

“That was what had exactly done. As soon as they were brought in, we had doctors on the ground who quickly received them. They were other medical personnel also on the ground who attended to them.

“One of the patients had a cut which looked like knife cut on the head and was bleeding profusely. That was immediately attended to, to stop the bleeding. There was another one with gunshot wound on the left shoulder. It was quickly attended to too.

“In all the cases that we have seen – I think we have seen seven persons with various degrees of injury, we made sure that they were stabilised, with the exception of the first one that I mentioned who has been losing a lot of blood and has started becoming restless.

“In our medical knowledge, we know that people (patients) who start to become restless are getting out of control, probably the bleeding is much higher than we anticipated or there is internal bleeding in the head, because it is appearing (to be) swollen.

“That one is to be transferred to the Trauma Centre of the National Hospital (Abuja). That will be ensured because we have ambulances on the ground, ready for evacuation.

He further revealed that most of the victims affected were police officers. “The majority are police officers,” he said.

FCT Police arrest 40 Shiites members; IGP orders 24-hours surveillance in FCT

After the incident, the FCT Police Command revealed that it arrested 40 members of the Shiite group who invaded the National Assembly.

The police revealed that two policemen were shot in the legs, while others were attacked with stones.

Manzah, the FCT police spokesman, told Naija Buzz News that investigation was ongoing.

“Forty members of the sect have been arrested in connection with the violent protest and investigation is in progress,” the police spokesman said.

The Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, following the incident ordered a 24-hour police patrol and surveillance in the FCT.

The IGP’s ordered was revealed by the spokesman of the Police Force Headquarters, DCP Frank Mba.

He noted that Mr. Adamu had ordered a speedy and diligent investigation into the incident and prosecution of the arrested Shiites members for breaking law and order.

The IGP also expressed displeasure over the attack of his men by the protesting group who initially started non-violently before turning gruesomely violent. He also commended the professional conduct of his men.

Shiites National Assembly invasion on Tuesday – SOURCE: YouTube/Naija Buzz News


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