NSCDC Commandant-General explains why Kebbi female Christian judge, Justice Elizabeth, was prevented from entering her court

NSCDC Commandant General, Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu

Abdullahi Muhammadu, the Commandant-General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), has explained why an NSCDC operative blocked a female judge of the Kebbi State High Court from delivering judgement in her court.

Naija Buzz News TV published a video showing the security operative preventing the judge, Justice Elizabeth Karatu, from entering her court to deliver judgement on her last day in office.

There were insinuations in some quarters/media (not on Naija Buzz News) against the Governor of Kebbi State few weeks ago, that he refused to confirm the female judge, who was the most senior judge in the Kebbi State, as the Chief Judge of the State because she was a Christian.

Meanwhile, the NSCDC boss revealed that the court entrance was under lock by the state government and the operative who prevented the judge from gaining access to her court was assigned to protect the premises from intruders who might come to vandalise.

According to him, the security operative was deployed to the court on the request of the Kebbi State Judicial Council.

Justice Elizabeth was supposed to retire on July 5, and the incident happened on July 4, the day she was supposed to rule on a case.

The NSCDC Commandant General noted that when his attention was drawn to the viral video, he summoned the NSCDC Commandant in Kebbi State and setup a committee to investigate the matter.

According to him, under his watch, corps would never be partisan, but will rather deliver quality services to all and sundry irrespective of class or position.

“However, the report from the state said the court entrance was under lock and key by the government and the officer was assigned to protect the premises from being vandalized as requested by the State Judicial Council in a letter to the state command.

“Upon the arrival of the Judge, the officer approached to inform her that the entrance was under lock, but unfortunately, he was not given a listening ear, but was rather accused of preventing the judge from entering (the courtroom),” he said.

Watch the video below;

Leaked video of a female Christian judge in northern Nigeria who was denied access to her court – Source: Naija Buzz News TV

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