Nigerian Senator denies ownership of properties and bank accounts seized by court

Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, the lawmaker representing Delta North Senatorial District

Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, the lawmaker representing Delta North Senatorial District in the Senate, has denied ownership of 11 houses and 12 bank accounts ordered to be seized and frozen by the court.

There was a report in the media (not Naija Buzz News) last week about an order issued by Justice Taiwo Taiwo of the Federal High Court in Abuja for the forfeiture of 14 properties and 12 out of 22 bank accounts allegedly belonging to the senator.

The order was reportedly made on July 2 by the judge, but was issued on July 5.

The Special Presidential Investigative Panel for the Recovery of Public Property had sued the senator (in suit number FHC/ABJ/CS/1127/18) over the properties and accounts which it alleged were suspicious because they are above his legitimate income.

The accounts are domiciled in Zenith, Access, UBA and Sterling Banks.

The properties most of which are located in Delta State includes; a multi-billion naira estate still under construction, Suiming Electrical Company, Newbridge Filing Station, PON Filling Station, Cartage Cinema, Ceedeez School Hall , and a house in the GRA area in the state.

Other properties located outside Delta State include; a building at No.41 Buma Road, Apapa, Lagos; Guinea House at No.27 Marina Road, Apapa, Lagos; and Plot 3011B, Kuranah Close, Maitama, Abuja.

Senator Nwaboshi however vehemently denied ownership of the properties and the 12 bank accounts.

It was also reported on certain media that his bank accounts seized by the court were his entire 22 accounts and not 12.

The bank accounts according to reports include; Zenith Bank, Hon. (Barr) Peter Nwaoboshi, 1004803190; Zenith Bank, Suiming Electricals Ltd PVC Accounts 5070338114; Zenith Bank, 5070180818; Zenith Bank, Suiming Electricals Ltd PVC Accounts 1013562244; Zenith Bank ,Bilderberg Enterprises Nig. Ltd. 1011757055; Zenith Bank, Suiming Electricals Ltd PVC Accounts, 1013769545; and  Zenith Bank, Hon. (Barr) Peter Nwaoboshi, 5070444123; Zenith Bank, Hon. (Barr) Peter Nwaoboshi, 5060121380; Access Bank, Nwaoboshi Peter, 0035155779.

Others are; Access Bank, Nwaoboshi Peter, 0737844207; Access Bank, Nwaoboshi Peter, 0737844221; Access Bank, Nwaoboshi Peter, 0737844362, Access Bank, Nwaoboshi Peter, 0737844300; UBA Obi Francis Nwaoboshi Foundation, 1020389229; UBA, Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi 1019061109; UBA, Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi, 3002183861; UBA, Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi, 2082824385; Sterling, Builderberg Enterprise Nig Ltd, 0006437276; Sterling, Builderberg Enterprise Nig Ltd, 0007675273; Sterling, Peter Nwaoboshi, 0008600331; Sterling, Peter Nwaoboshi, 0006493689; Sterling, Peter Nwaoboshi, 0009972897.

According to him while addressing Naija Buzz News and other journalists in Abuja, the Special Recovery Panel should publicly publish the official documents linking him to the company, buildings and accounts which were seized by court.

Read his statement below;

“My attention has been drawn to a purported forfeiture order. I am yet to be served with the proceedings of the court. I only read it in the print media.

“I don’t have 22 bank accounts. That is not to say that there is any law that forbids me to own up to that number of bank accounts or more than that in Nigeria.

“Most of the alleged bank accounts belong to companies of which they thought I have interest in but I am not a signatory, a director, or a shareholder in any of the companies.

“It is therefore wicked, malicious, frivolous, scandalous and a height of irresponsibility to link me with them. It, therefore, portrays the level of the understanding of the law by the leadership of the SPIP.

“I challenge the SPIP to publish the names of the shareholders, directors, and signatories to the accounts for the public to judge.  For instance, the ownership of Suiming Electrical Company has been settled, in a case determined in 2017.

“Hon Justice Okon Abang pronounced the ownership of Suiming Electrical Nigeria Limited and the Guinea House on Marine Road, Apapa in  Lagos State which was also linked to me.

“All the companies mentioned are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. I wonder why the SPIP failed to carry out due diligence before rushing to the court to tarnish my image by securing a forfeiture order on firms that I have nothing to do with,” the senator said.

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