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When you start to feel like everything is against you, everything is crashing down in your life, everything is going wrong, just remember that you are not alone.

There are millions of people like you in Nigeria and we all have to remain positive and share positivity.

Naija Hustle is created to help us share our stories, encourage each other and shun negativity.

Research has proven that even a small amount of negativity can weaken our immune system, which would even expose us more to sicknesses.

How sharing positivity could improve our situation

In the 1950’s, Solomon Eliot Asch, a Polish-American psychologist, conducted a very interesting experiment to investigate the extent to which social pressure from majority group could affect a person’s conformity.

He asked a group of people (participants) to guess the length of a vertical black line on a plain white card.

He put a naive participant in a room with some other participants who had agreed in advance what their responses to the question would be. The naive participant did not know that others in the room were not real participants.

The result of the experiment was really interesting. Each naive participant’s guess depended on the people around them.

If the people around under estimated the length of the line, the naive participant did the same. And if the people around over estimated the length of the line, the naive participant did same too.

The naive participants all saw the line differently depending on those around them.

Solomon Eliot Asch, a Polish-American psychologist
Solomon Eliot Asch, a Polish-American psychologist. Image Source: Twitter

Life is challenging enough, the situation in Nigeria is making it even harder. But think about it, we gain absolutely nothing from being negative.

When we leave no space for the wrong things in our mind, we make space for the right things.

Therefore, let us help each other by sharing positivity today.

Tomorrow I will share a very touching but yet inspiring story of a young man, Mr. Samuel Okon, from Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria, who despite the challenges and difficulties he has passed through in life is still determined to keep pushing until he achieves greatness.

If you are currently going through tough time, our first edition coming up on Thursday will give you strength to keep moving.

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