100 people were killed in a shelling attack by the Myanmar army on a village

(CNN) — 100 people including women and children died Myanmar military junta According to the ousted administration’s shadow government, the shelling hit Kant Balu township in Sagaing region on Tuesday.

The attack “caused the loss of dozens of innocent civilians and injured many, including children and pregnant women”, the National Unity Government (NUG) Labor Ministry said in a statement, describing it as a “heinous act”. A war crime.”

Local news agency The Irrawaddy published this information A board plane Two bombs were fired into the city as people gathered to celebrate the opening of a new office in the city.

The junta has yet to issue a public statement on the alleged attack. CNN has reached out to a spokesman for the junta, but has yet to hear back.

Photos and videos shared by the Irrawaddy and other local media showed bodies of victims and destroyed buildings, vehicles and debris after the airstrikes. CNN could not confirm the authenticity of the video and photos.

NUG union Prime Minister Mahn Win Kyne took to Twitter to say he was “heartbroken” by the “aerial carnage”.

Thousands of people have been killed in Myanmar since the military seized power in February 2021.

The regime impeached the democratically elected leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who was later sentenced to 33 years in prison during secret trials. It suppressed anti-coup protests, arrested journalists, held political prisoners and executed several prominent pro-democracy activists, drawing condemnation from the United Nations (UN) and human rights groups.

Two years later, the Southeast Asian nation is rocked by violence and instability. The economy has collapsed with shortages of food, fuel and other basic goods.

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Last month, the U.S. State Department announced a new round of sanctions against two men with suspected ties to the military and three companies they own.

UN: Myanmar military offensive “facilitated by global indifference”

Tom Andrews, the UN special rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar, said on Tuesday that global indifference to the situation in the country contributed to Tuesday’s brutal attack.

“Myanmar military attacks on innocent people, including today’s airstrike in Sakaeing, are made possible by global indifference and their arms suppliers,” Andrews tweeted.

“How many Myanmar children must die before world leaders take strong and concerted action to stop this massacre?” The UN official added.

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